Friday, June 18, 2010

Mandala Process - Day 4- and Final Product!! :)

Now we start to work the final part of the six sections.  Since I did this one different by creating little mandalas in each section, I now have to blend them into one large mandala.  Below I have started working some framework and design in pencil.  I have also started to work from the center in pen.  There is still a pencil framework in place from the beginning, but you can reestablish it with a ruler and pencil to make sure the sections come out symmetrical.

  Below is a close up of the design starting to be worked in pen.

Again you can add as much or as little detail as you like. Below you will see how I've added more detail into the framework, trying to work with the little mandalas that are already in place.
And Finally the finished product. 

I found by slowing myself down I added more detail than ever.  Could be a good thing, or maybe not, I'm not sure.  Even I get dizzy looking at this one.  Often I find when I finish one I can hardley wait to get to the next, almost like writing a story and needing to get another blank piece of paper before you lose the flow of thoughts.  So by slowing down the process I got a lot of "info" packed into this one.  It was a different process.  By slowing it down, I took more time with each section, but I also lost some of the meditative effects.  Maybe I analyzed it more than I usually would.  I find the mandalas work best if you just flow from your heart and don't analyze how it looks, stay out of your head. 

Let me know how yours are turning out.  All comments are welcome, I would love to hear how following this process was for each of you. 

Thanks again for hanging out with me and my mandalas ♥♥♥ Jane :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mandala Process - Day 3

Now I start to add the pen.  I work with what I doodled in pencil and repeat it on all six sections.

Here is a detailed pic of the center section as I start working it in pen

Now we add more detail in pen

Now your mandala will look like this, because you have been repeating the detail on all six sections as you go!!

Add as much detail as you want, I tend to go very detailed, its just what I like to do.  I could leave it like this too, it would be just as pretty!

So as I mentioned I like detail so I keep adding more until it feels good

This feels good!!  So you're whole mandala now looks like this

Tomorrow I will work on filling in the mandala sections, again with repeating designs that stem from the center and move out through the six sections.  Not long now, and it will be finished!!  Thanks for hanging out with me!! Jane ♥♥

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mandala Process - Day 2

Now that we have a basic framework, it is time to start adding some shape to it.  I use a pencil so that I can change my mind as I go.  I use the shapes as a guide to create patterns, sometimes the mandala looks nothing like it started, but, we have to start somewhere! :).  Remember whatever you put in one section, you repeat all the way around.  In this case we have six sections, so repeat around the mandala six times total.

Then add more shapes

and more shapes

Once you have some shapes in place, start to play with them and doodle some ideas in.  Again I use pencil when I'm doing my fancy ones, so I can change it as I go.  For me it is like a conversation.  You feel your way!!  Sometimes I go straight to pen and wing it, but mostly I like to play with my pencil, it allows me to experiment more!  So here I have added some doodles in. If they flow nicely, I start going over in pen, this can change as I go, I don't necessarily follow what I penciled in.  Once I get the pen going, whatever I do in one, I always do in all the rest.  So even if I make what I would call a mistake, I have to do it in each one to keep the symmetry and it always turns out pretty!!  There really are no mistakes.

So the picture below is where I stand with my mandala picture.  So far I haven't started working any pen yet.  You'll see some of the my little mandalas within the big one are at slightly different stages.  I always work with one section and then repeat it once I know what I want.  Be careful going to far ahead in one section, as it is easy to forget how you drew a certain pattern and then you can't repeat it in the other sections.  So pace yourself and try to keep all sections moving at the same pace.  You will develop your own rhythm as you go.

Good luck, hope you're having fun.  See you tomorrow!! :) ♥ Jane

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Process of my Mandalas - Day 1

So I'm going to try and document the process I go through on these mandalas.  Please feel free to ask questions, clarifications and comments as I go.  It's tricky to slow it down and scan each step, but it is a challenge I think I'm up for.  There are as many ways to do Mandalas as there are people who do them and everyone has their preferences. It is a very personal process and it is more about how it makes you feel then the end product, so experiment for what works for you.

Sometimes I just start drawing on completely blank paper, some days I do a highly detailed framework.  I love symmetry, so I tend to use a framework to get myself going.  However sometimes its nice to leave all that at the door and just freewheel something straight from the heart.  It's really how you are feeling that day and then translating that onto the paper.  So here is one example of how I do my symmetrical mandalas.

  So day 1 - I set up some form of framework in pencil, that gives my mandala direction.  I used a compass this time and a ruler.  Today I decided I wanted to try circles within a circle and small mandalas within a larger mandala.  I divided it into 6 equal sections (can be done with a protractor - 60 degrees each) and then picked a point along the line to make another circle of the same size and repeated this on each line, at the same distance point, around the mandala.  Everything in a symmetrical mandala is about repetition.  What you do in one section, you do in all the others.  Then I joined the centers of the mandalas and this divided each of the outer ones into 6 equal sections as well.  The joy of symmetry and math is it always works out.  (Well almost!!)  This was done in light pencil, so the picture comes out kind of grey, I want to be able to erase my pencil marks, so I make them as light as I can and still be able to work with it. This sketch was made 8" x 8".

So back I go now, to figure out what I want to do next!  See you soon :)

Day One Sketch with a compass and ruler.  8" X 8" Mandala

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back to quilting, finally!!

So here is the art quilt, finished!! Finally!!  Is it too late for a new years resolution, well, I resolve to do more of this, I really enjoy playing with the pieces and the stitching!!  So here are the results of this last one.  I added the outer rim after, as you can see by my previous post.  Not sure I like that method, as it didn't lie as flat as I wanted and the batting was tricky to match up, but live and learn, maybe practice will work that through.  The stitching was mostly free form, swirls.  I now understand the benefit of really good quality thread when doing free form, many birds nests later!!!!    I will try to post more often, and thus it will make me quilt more often!!! :)  Be Creative
Oh yes I forgot, the size is 25 inches across, perfect wall hanging