Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Moving into detail

I've mostly just been outlining with back stitching at this point. Still trying to decide where I want the detail to go. I've learned through trial and err that I don't want everything outlined in black. Might work on paper, but not when you are working with texture and fabric.

I've also figured out that because I like to wing it instead of tracing out a pattern, the detail becomes my best friend in hiding the flaws.   This was how my drawings went.  We'll see if I can do the same on fabric.

Still lots more to do.  It will reveal itself as I go.

I just ordered some new green threads online. So I'm looking forward to their arrival so I can tackle that part of the design.

See you soon. Happy stitching everyone
Jane <3


Monday, April 7, 2014

Progress report and then some

I'm learning how hard this is for me to post the progress as I, like alot of artists, don't want anyone to see it until it's all done!!  The work in progress is the messy part and dispells the magic that I take some fabric and thread, wiggle my nose and "TA-DA" out comes a perfectly finished quilt!  Yep ........ not likely.  So you get to see the messy part.  Its good practice for me to see the process too as I have a very selective memory and tend to block out the challenging parts.

I have decided to embroider the petal design on before I layer with batting.  Just easier to do all this stitching through one layer instead of three.  Then I can just outline it in the next stage to give it more dimension.  

It's slow going at the moment

But thats because I can't just focus one one design. So Although I have many in the beginning stages this is the next one coming up.  I am just appliquing it onto a background and will probably go right into layering with batting right away.

I am realizing this multi tasking actually makes me more productive.  If I just work on just one then I start to get too much in my head.  Over analyze, you know, second guessing, etc.  This keeps me fresh and creative.  The only problem will be actually finishing one all the way to the end!  

See ya soon :)