Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mandala Process - Day 2

Now that we have a basic framework, it is time to start adding some shape to it.  I use a pencil so that I can change my mind as I go.  I use the shapes as a guide to create patterns, sometimes the mandala looks nothing like it started, but, we have to start somewhere! :).  Remember whatever you put in one section, you repeat all the way around.  In this case we have six sections, so repeat around the mandala six times total.

Then add more shapes

and more shapes

Once you have some shapes in place, start to play with them and doodle some ideas in.  Again I use pencil when I'm doing my fancy ones, so I can change it as I go.  For me it is like a conversation.  You feel your way!!  Sometimes I go straight to pen and wing it, but mostly I like to play with my pencil, it allows me to experiment more!  So here I have added some doodles in. If they flow nicely, I start going over in pen, this can change as I go, I don't necessarily follow what I penciled in.  Once I get the pen going, whatever I do in one, I always do in all the rest.  So even if I make what I would call a mistake, I have to do it in each one to keep the symmetry and it always turns out pretty!!  There really are no mistakes.

So the picture below is where I stand with my mandala picture.  So far I haven't started working any pen yet.  You'll see some of the my little mandalas within the big one are at slightly different stages.  I always work with one section and then repeat it once I know what I want.  Be careful going to far ahead in one section, as it is easy to forget how you drew a certain pattern and then you can't repeat it in the other sections.  So pace yourself and try to keep all sections moving at the same pace.  You will develop your own rhythm as you go.

Good luck, hope you're having fun.  See you tomorrow!! :) ♥ Jane


At June 15, 2010 at 8:32 AM , Anonymous Margaret Bremner said...

So glad you're doing this Jane. It's always so interesting to hear someone else's process and see it happening.


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